Exterior shot of the 2022 Lexus IS

Remote Connect Features of the Lexus App

What are the Remote Connect Features of the Lexus App? 

The automotive industry leaves no stone unturned when it comes to technology. Each automaker has pushed the boundaries and set new benchmarks for endowing their models with cutting-edge technology features. Vehicles, these days, do not just take you from point A to point B but also lock and unlock doors for you, check your vehicle’s health, and do so much more! And as the proud owner of a Lexus, no one knows this better than you. Read this blog by Lexus of Concord to learn about the remote connect features of the Lexus App and make the most of your car today!  

Engine Start/Stop  

Interior of the 2022 Lexus IS
Multimedia of a new Lexus vehicle

The engine start/stop feature of the Lexus App helps you start your car even before you arrive at its door. Imagine how comfortable those chilly winter mornings would be now that you can start the engine and warm up the cabin before getting in. You can also stop the engine as and when required, even without being around the vehicle.  

Vehicle Finder  

The vehicle finder feature does exactly what its name suggests. It helps you locate your vehicle in a crowded parking lot or its last known parking spot. You can now save time and energy and find your car easily among a hoard of others.  

Guest Driver Mode  

The feature offers you the required peace of mind by letting you know when the friend who borrowed your vehicle exceeds the speed limit. In fact, you get a complete rundown of your vehicle’s status when the steering is in someone else’s control.  

Vehicle Status and Alert  

Check the trip mileage, the status of your vehicle’s roof, windows, doors, and pretty much everything else with the vehicle status and alert feature of the Lexus App. This ensures that you can think on your feet and pay attention to your vehicle before any issue snowballs into something graver.   

Other Features of the App  

Some of the other remote connect features of the App are as follows:  

  • Alexa Skills  
  • Smartphone App  
  • Door Lock/Unlock  

Head to our dealership for a test drive of your favorite Lexus car and check our financing options to ease your payment. At Lexus of Concord, you shall find smart solutions to all things automotive.