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Mechanic holding drill with car tires in background

Lexus Tire Replacement in Concord, CA

Each vehicle requires service and maintenance to perform at its maximum potential. More regular forms of maintenance are oil changes and tire rotations, but every few years drivers should invest in new tires. Some tires can last up to 50,000 miles when the driver keeps up to date on tire rotations, wheel alignments and other important services, but may need to be replaced sooner based on the road conditions and usage. Continue reading below to learn about having your vehicle’s tires replaced at Lexus of Concord.

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Mechanic holding drill with car tires in background

Schedule Lexus Service in San Francisco Bay Area

One of the best things drivers can do for their vehicle is stay on top of preventative maintenance. Staying up to date on routine services like oil and filter changes, transmission flushes, wheel alignment, tire rotations and other manufacturer recommended maintenance is the best way to steer clear of major issues and avoid the need for repairs. Lexus drivers in the San Francisco Bay area have a local dealership they can count on, not only for buying and leasing affordable luxury vehicles, but for handling Lexus service and maintenance. Continue reading below to learn about the services offered at Lexus of Concord and how Lexus drivers can schedule their service appointment.

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Two mechanics working on bottom of vehicle

Where can I get a transmission flush in Contra Costa County?

There are a variety of responsibilities that come with owning a vehicle. One of them is keeping up with preventative maintenance. When you think about preventative maintenance, you probably think about changing tires, changing the oil and filter, and replacing wiper blades. A transmission flush probably isn’t the first service to come to mind, but it is one of the most important forms of preventative maintenance a vehicle can have.

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Luxury Car Wheel Alignment

How often should wheels be aligned on a Lexus?

Between potholes, speedbumps – and maybe even the occasional swiped curb – your vehicle’s suspension will take the brunt of the abuse through the life of your Lexus. When the time comes for an alignment, your local team of Certified Lexus Technicians will help keep your Lexus get back to performing smoothly and safely. Join us as we explore the warning signs of vehicle alignment issues as well as how often you should come in to have your wheels aligned on your Lexus luxury vehicle.

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Mechanic working on engine

Where can I get a Lexus oil change in Concord, CA?

Schedule an Oil Change in Concord, CA

One of the biggest responsibilities that comes with owning a vehicle is staying up to date on maintenance. As nice as it would be to never have to service your vehicle, skipping out on service is not a safe or sustainable practice. One of the more common forms of preventative maintenance—a type of maintenance done to prevent vehicle components from breaking down and causing the need for repairs in the future—is an oil change. Oil changes should occur approximately every 3,000 miles if you use conventional oil, and every 7,500 miles if you use synthetic oil. If it is time for you to have the oil changed in your Lexus and you are in the Concord, CA area, schedule a service appointment at Lexus of Concord!

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2020 Lexus ES parked on road

Where Can I Get a Lexus near Oakland, CA?

Lexus Dealership in Concord, CA

There are several reasons to buy a Lexus. You might be drawn to the brand’s intuitive technology, competitive fuel economy, luxurious design, elegant details or cost-effective pricing. If you are in the Bay Area or near San Francisco or Oakland, CA and want to get a Lexus, make your way to Lexus of Concord and let our sales staff help you find the perfect vehicle for you!  Continue reading below to learn about your trusted Lexus dealer in the Bay Area! Read the rest of this entry >>