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Best Cafés in Concord, CA

What are the top three cafés in Concord, CA? 

Find out what are the top three cafés in Concord, CA, for a quiet afternoon getaway with good food and beverage. Lexus of Concord in Concord, CA, brings you information on the top three cafés in Concord, CA. Continue reading for more details.  


Located at Sun Valley Mall in Concord, CA, this café is well known for its wide range of coffee flavors and types. You could get your coffee and walk around the mall enjoying it or take a seat inside the shop in the cozy corner. The café usually has a 15-minute waiting time during rush hour.  

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Bay Leaf Café 

Located at 2123 Pacheco St, Concord, CA, the café is known for its French and American cuisine and offers a wide array of dishes on its breakfast and lunch menus. The staff are friendly and greet all their customers with a smile, and the café has a beautiful ambiance with a great atmosphere surrounding the café.  

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Sugar Plum Coffee Shop 

Located at 1815 Colfax St, Concord, CA, the café is an American Diner cum café that offers customers breakfast, lunch, and brunch options. The staff is friendly, and the food is immensely satisfying, especially the salsa and the hash browns that are nice and crispy. The items on the menu card are reasonably priced, and the café is usually filled with locals who give it a very family feeling.  

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If you are in the Concord, CA, region, be sure to head out to these cafés for an afternoon filled with good food and coziness. While you are there, walk into our Lexus of Concord dealership in Concord, CA, for quick complimentary maintenance of your vehicle. You can also schedule a service appointment and have our team attend to your car while enjoying your time at the café. Contact us for more information.