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Returning a leased car at Lexus of Concord

How to return your leased car at Lexus of Concord?

Find out how to return your leased car at Lexus of Concord in Concord, CA, for hassle-free lease-end paperwork and process. Continue reading for more information.

Lexus Financial Services: Lease Return

When you near the end of your lease term, it is necessary to return your Lexus to the dealership. At Lexus of Concord, we provide a seamless lease return experience.

Step 1: Visit and access all the information about your lease.

Step 2: Use the self-service tools for a more convenient experience in terms of updating your address so that all necessary documents will reach you at the correct location.

Step 3: Ensure that all your payments and receipts are up to date and there are no outstanding dues at the time of ending the lease. You may be responsible for disposition, mileage, and wear and use fees. Under certain circumstances, Lexus Financial Services does not charge its customers the wear and use fee.

Step 4: Confirm with the dealership where you are supposed to return the vehicle as the lease-return date approaches. The return can be accepted only by your originating dealer. A loyalty advocate can also help you with the return process if you cannot contact your originating dealer.

Image of a Lexus driving into a Lexus dealership

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Step 5: Schedule a pre-inspection appointment at Lexus Financial Services to ensure that your vehicle is in order and qualifies for the lease return. Post this, you will receive a condition report that will itemize all the details of your vehicle’s condition and the wear and use it has undergone.

Step 6: Schedule an appointment at the dealership where you will be requested to hand over all the original keys and other documents received at the time of the car lease and sign the odometer disclosure statement.

Step 7: You will receive an invoice with the final payment details, which might be taxable.

Watch the YouTube video uploaded on the Lexus official YouTube channel to take a look at the lease-end experience offered at a Lexus dealership via Lexus Financial Services.

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Sign up at Lexus Lease Return Center, and our team will contact you at the earliest and help you process the lease-end paperwork. Check out the new car specials and the pre-owned vehicles specials for incentives and discounts on your purchase from Lexus of Concord in Concord, CA.  Contact us for further information.